Here is the advertisement price card to place an add with Mèrida-Fridrika / Once Upon A Vlog in the digital magazine and/or on the website sections. Please refer to it as a guide and let us know what would be perfect for you.

All of our statistics, averages and traffics are displayed on the Advertisement page. If you require more information, let us know and we will provide the information.

Here are the prices for the website. You can see that we have many possibilities. We offer a range of choices and prices and yes, we do accept monthly payments.


Here are the prices for the annual print we offer every Winter. Those are possible to reserve and we accept the full payments or monthly payments as of March 2023.

We are working very hard to advertise ourselves and we also are very active on social media. We welcome all that are interested in our work.

If you wish to be an advertiser on Mèrida-Fridrika / Once Upon A Vlog’s website or as part of the Winter Annual Print, we accept payments through PayPal only and you can communicate with us through our Contact page.

Kind regards,
Mèrida-Fridrika / Once Upon A Vlog

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