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Hi! I’m Mèrida Fridrika, when I’m not writing my novels as Mèrida Fridrika Lyon I’m looking around to find my past again in vintage toys, movies, or chasing Christmas memories.



I Watched Love On Iceland

I watched Love On Iceland from the Hallmark Winterfest television movies and I enjoyed it despite not being a romance fan and it was great.

My Everyday Princess Journey

Ashamed of my body, to this day, despite not really knowing what I truly look like, I refuse to go outside. I bought myself a stepping exercise machine to walk inside the house.

Once Upon A Vlog Trailer

Once Upon A Vlog is a YouTube Channel where Mèrida Fridrika share her latest discoveries about something from her past or recollections of specific times, like the Holidays! What can’t be fun about remembering what it used to be like on Christmas morning or the day of our birthday?

Merida Fridrika wants to share with you all the joy about the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Come by her channel and give it a Subscribe, hit the Notification button and let YouTube do the rest!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Mèrida Fridrika. An online magazine director. I became a full-time author and freelance artist in 2015. When I’m not spending time reading or drawing or writing I’m over here creating content for all of you to enjoy! Read more

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