My Everyday Princess Journey

“Every woman is a princess. It’s our prerogative.” I learned that in the remake of the 90s movie, The Little Princess. Now, I’m ready to embark on my Princess journey.

If You Can Dream

While I do have certifications in vegan nutrition and advisor, but this is a personal journey I share with all of you. I hope it does help some of you and that it makes you smile.

I do not wish to share my weight as of now. However, soon I will and might add some pictures. I am just a thirty-seven years old, five and a half feet tall woman who dreams to be on a Princess Journey.

Disney Princess Comfy Squad based on Ralph Breaks The Internet

Once Upon A Reality Check

When I reached my weight, my eyes didn’t see it. I needed my husband and my mother to buy the clothes I liked for me because I was picking too big. They helped me eat a little more but my cibophobia would always win.

However, when I hurt my knee during a fall, I couldn’t walk anymore. The crucial, the one vital thing to my health and the reason I was finally an XS, was due to walking. I would walk twice a day, about forty-five to sixty minutes each walk.

During the weekends, I would go with my husband for at least two-hour walks. We live around mountains and there are no straight levels. I would put on my music and just walk with my dog, Carey in a secluded area where we live.

But, at that moment, my life changed. Everything else was getting good but not this. Not my knee and my mind were going a thousand miles an hour. It reminded me that it was just a dream that wouldn’t last.

The Villain Walked Back In

It didn’t take time before the body dysmorphia I have exploded in my head. Soon after, agoraphobia and scopophobia multiplied from the image I had of myself and prevented me from going outside. In fact, I still have this fear and I do not venture too far from my house.

Walt Disney – The Little Mermaid – 1989

Ashamed of my body, to this day, despite not really knowing what I truly look like, I refuse to go outside. I bought myself a stepping exercise machine to walk inside the house. My knee is healing and I am ready to walk again, just not outside. I cannot show myself. It would terrify me.

The Beginning Of A Princess

This is a concept I created for myself to help me motivate my mind. There is nothing in this world that I love more than Disney Princesses. Because I’m an artist, I do live in my own world with my stories and my art.

Walt Disney – The Little Mermaid – 1989

Often, I try to imagine what it would be like to live in either the world I created or the one Disney imagined. It helps me focus on me. So, my first step was to take the decision to change something about me.

In another article, I tend to explain why I am in the process of legally change my given name and surname. But, for this article, let’s just say it does sound extreme but I cut off toxic people and I don’t want them creeping back in.

Show Me Who You Are

I strongly believe that a mental change is a good start to help one begins on an Everyday Princess Journey. Granted, mine was big, but yours could be as simple as tell yourself three compliments each day.

It all depends on your needs and your life and what you are choosing is best for you. We often forget ourselves and we are the harshest for own good. So, one small change can go a long way.

Something else is a physical change. Often, we think that what we want should be a reward and that we don’t deserve it at the starting line. Well, I dare to break that rule and have my hair change! Yes, I do allow myself to have my flashy super vibrant Princess Ariel red hair!

Why am I doing this? Because it might make me feel closer to my goal and who I want to be when I reach my goal. My favorite Disney Princesses might be Merida and Tiana, but the one I look the most like and share the most with is Ariel. She will also forever remain my number one.

Be A Part Of Your World

What came next on my list of starting my Everyday Princess Journey was to find what I could use on rainy days and not. Little challenges. I have my stepping machine and a yoga mat to help me inside.

iHome – The Little Mermaid – Headphones

However, I do want to be walking outside. So, in that regard, to protect myself from the world I have sunglasses and everything to isolate myself. I have my Frozen Bluetooth headphones, my iPod 4 Gen, my Stitch baseball cap.

Those are for me, to help me get a little out of my shell. Little steps to bring me back in the outside world to walk again. But each of us have our fears, whether it is others to see us in athletic outfits when we’re not fit or risking failing on the first attempt.

Hot Topic – The Little Mermaid Running Shoes

Forget about the outside world and focus on yours. What makes you happy and what can bring you peace. Workouts should be an adventure for you no one else. It must be a moment for you where you are in harmony with your mind. So, dare be part of your world.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

One thing I worked on before starting and do not be ashamed or hard on yourself because you are slowly preparing yourself to start your journey. It is okay to take a moment to prepare yourself and your environment to make sure you succeed.

Disney Princess – Ariel – Comfy Squad

As I mentioned before, I am a fan of Disney Princesses. So, in that regard, I looked out for the series of Disney Princesses Comfy Squad. Why? Because I want them with me to remind me what I love, what I want, and what makes me happy.

Disney Princess – Ariel – Comfy Squad

Working out is an adventure and a hard one when we live with many phobias, fears, shame, or anything else. I strongly believe that maybe I should ensure myself that while I do workout, it’s a worriless environment for me.

Now, I went fishing for dolls because I am a Disney Doll collector. However, yours could be anything else. I know a friend who is obsessed with tsum tsum and surrounds herself with those to feel better. That’s awesome! Find what makes your world better and go crazy! No worries!

You Have To Trust Yourself

A secret of mine when I did lose lots of weight was Calorie Count. Sadly, this website ended up belonging to My Fitness Pal. They bought Calorie Count which was the most effective place to keep a journal of your food and exercise.

Walt Disney – The Little Mermaid – 1989

Many believe that My Fitness Pal is the same but Calorie Count was special. Anyhow, it is the same concept. It helps keeping yourself on track and visualizing what you are eating and doing. It helped me.

Yes, it is a commitment, but you are worth it, aren’t you? It’s a little effort to put into your life for you. At first, it’s a chore but believe me, it becomes a habit quite easily. It’s something that can do lots of good.

Walt Disney – The Little Mermaid – 1989

However, do not use it to make sure you’re in the green for everything. It’s a tool that can turn in a disaster if relied upon for everything. Only use it for what you need. I use it to keep a record of my eating habit. Don’t lie to yourself either. Be honest.

You Must Write Your Story

I got myself a notebook to keep track of not everything, but important notes. It’s so I do not forget why I am doing this, what I must do, and what I need. I am writing these articles to help myself stick to my word.

A princess has a story to tell and mine is here, on Once Upon A Vlog. I am not by all means anyone important, but I am to me and I should be. Besides, no one ever knows who they can end up helping along the way.

I succeeded to be the weight I wanted once. I was unaware of it because I was scared. This time, I’m doing it to become an everyday princess for me. I don’t know how or when I’ll be the weight I dream of but I want to be aware of it this time.

What I plan on is to write my story and make myself proud. I don’t get to smile much or talk much. I don’t have many friends or a life for that matter. But what I know is that I love writing and I love sharing.

Let’s be princesses together. What do you say?

Arielle Belle Lyon

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